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Micro-Picosecond laser tattoo removal

Micro-Picosecond laser tattoo removal

What is a Micro-Picosecond?
The Micro-Picosecond laser is a high-end laser instrument that uses the most advanced honeycomb laser technology in the world and the picosecond is the most popular instrument in the beauty market.

The Advantages of picosecond laser machine:
1. with high homogeneity of light spots, uniform energy distribution, consistency of treatment effect, and more secure.
2. For all exogenous and endogenous pigments, the effect is more significant
3. Short pulse width, with a dedicated laser bar in the industrial field, higher peak power, crushing pigment more thoroughly.
honeycomb spot, reduce pain, skin damage is more slight.
4. Intelligent water temperature control system: Avoid water temperature is too high, damage the handle.
5. The unique shape design and color match-make the product more beautiful and fashionable.

Micro picosecond laser machine principle:
Using the laser's high-energy instantaneous emission, the irradiated pigment particles absorb energy instantly and break up. Some of them become tiny particles and are excreted. Some of them are swallowed by human macrophages and excreted through the lymphatic system to remove pigment. Because the normal tissue absorbs less laser light at a specific wavelength of the instrument and does not harm normal tissue, it preserves the integrity of the cell frame and never forms a scar. This is a treatment safety that cannot be compared in any other place. To the greatest extent, it guarantees that customers will not suffer from post-treatment complications.

Applications of the picosecond laser machine:

532nm laser:mainly for some deep level pigment.
755nm laser:mainly for skin whiten.
1064nm laser: mainly for some shallow pigment.
1320nm laser: another name "Black face doll",mainly for clean pores,whiten,rejuvenate skin.
Picosecond Laser 6 Effect.

The picosecond laser treatment knowledge:
Before Treatment:
1. cleansing milk to clean the skin, remove the patient's jewelry. Such as necklaces, earrings, and other reflective objects.
2. cleansing milk clear supine position, doctors and patients are wearing protective glasses, disinfect the patient's facial skin, according to their skin, skin sensitivity, skin lesions and the depth of the skin to adjust the energy clean skin, remove the patient's jewelry. Such as necklaces, earrings, and other reflective objects
3. During the treatment, the physician holds the output of the laser machine and vertically illuminates the surface of the skin. The test is performed with the skin in front of the ear for 2-3 shots. The local reaction is observed for 3-5 minutes. The energy density gradually increases from low to high, and the skin is mild. Redness is the degree. Honeycomb Micro-Pico laser treatment process
4. and then sweeping the full range of vertical and horizontal at a uniform speed, the lesion area to strengthen the fire, a total of 2-3 times.
 The deeper the skin color, the lower the energy density. The lighter the skin, the lighter the energy density.

After Treatment:
1. After the pico laser treatment, because the skin repair process is starting up, and at the same time, in order to prevent the recurrence of the affected area, melanin deposition, etc., it is necessary to prevent sun exposure. When going out, you need to prepare sun shades, apply (sun protection index---SPF ≥30, PA ≥++) sunscreen and avoid any form of exogenous substances to stimulate the wound (such as alcohol and cosmetics containing alcohol) to avoid crowding and pressure. , touch, friction treatment surface. Avoid eating food sensitive foods (such as celery, leeks, parsley, etc.) and photosensitive drugs. Patients with sensitive skin should fast foods that cause skin allergies.
2. After the laser due to increased absorption capacity of the skin, faster metabolism, some patients may have dry skin and water shortages, so postoperative skin care must be carried out to add enough water and nutrition. Some patients may have localized redness after surgery and usually disappear on 24-72 hours without treatment. Very few patients may have crust and purpura. This phenomenon will fall off and disappear within 2 weeks. Keep the wound dry and clean during this period.

Treatment interval:
The two treatments should be spaced about 1-2 months so that the crushed pigment particles have enough time to be absorbed.

Treatment times:
In most cases, multiple treatments are required to obtain a satisfactory result. The number of treatments for a specific patient consists of the concentration, depth of the pigment in the affected area, the composition of the pigment, the dose of laser light used in each treatment, and the absorption of pigment particles by macrophages in the patient. And other factors determine. Exogenous pigments have to be treated more than 3 times, and endogenous pigments must be treated more than 5 times to obtain satisfactory results. A few patients still have unsatisfactory results after repeated treatments.

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